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Are you interested in employment opportunities or doing business with TriCounty Link? If so, you’re in the right place.

Employment Opportunities

Come work for a service-oriented public agency that’s instrumental in connecting the Tri-County area. Check here frequently to see what new employment opportunities are available at TriCounty Link. We are always looking for friendly new faces to join our team!

Vehicle Operator

Admin/Maintenance Services Manager


Conducting business with Tricounty Link can be a rewarding experience. There are small and large opportunities for local, regional and national businesses — including DBE and small businesses — to work with us. Although not a federal agency, Tricounty Link procurements are governed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations per the FTA Master Agreement. To participate as a registered DBE, you must be registered with the SCDOT. For more information regarding the Tricounty Link procurement process, open solicitations and other opportunities, contact the Procurement/Contracts Administrator, Jason McGarry, via email at jasonm@bcdog.com or by phone at (843) 529-2571.

View the FTA Master Agreement

No Open Solicitations

Check back soon.

No Open Solicitations

Check back soon.

Advertise With Us

Bus displays are the original mobile billboard — let us help your ads make an impact by offering high visibility on the outside or inside of our clean and well-maintained buses. Advertising on a TriCounty Link bus allows your displays to reach people where they live, work and play. Our buses travel through most of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties, and will expose your message to people in commercial and industrial areas, entertainment centers and more. Advertising on the Link is the cost-efficient way to deliver your product or service to the masses, with larger-than-life messages that people simply can’t ignore. Whatever your promotional needs, let TriCounty Link buses do the advertising work for you.

Advertising Media Kit

Request for Transit Advertising on TriCounty Link Buses

Requesting advertising on TriCounty Link buses is simple and easy. Fill out our digital Request for Advertising Form below. The ad scope and content must be approved per TriCounty Link advertising policies. Installation charges are the responsibility of the advertiser.

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    More Information

    For more information about TriCounty Link advertising policies, procedures, current advertising rates and to review sample advertising options, contact our Advertising Sales Manager, Jon Kane.


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