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How To Ride

When you choose TriCounty Link, you’re choosing a dependable, comfortable and no-stress ride. We can connect you from your home to work, school, appointments, entertainment districts and more, with ease. Let’s plan your trip on the Link.




Our digital trip planner is the easiest way to find the best route for you. Just plug in your current starting point and ideal ending point, and it will find the best route or connection to take you there. You can also find the full list of fixed and commuter routes on the Schedules & Routes page, or within our various trip-planning apps.




The easiest way to purchase an individual trip or multiple-ride passes is through mobile pay with our app partner, Token Transit. The Token Transit app allows customers to purchase bus passes anywhere, anytime on a smartphone, which can then be used as an electronic ticket to board the bus. Customers will need to download the Token Transit App to use the mobile pay option.

Purchase Passes on the Token Transit App


Customers can purchase at the TriCounty Link Operations Facility located at 305 Heatley St. in Moncks Corner or online. Office hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Cash, Check or Money Orders accepted. Exact amount required (staff cannot provide change).

Purchase Online



All TriCounty Link routes have a designated stop location. You can view designated stops through the MyTCLink app or on the Schedules & Routes page. We are also a flag-stop system and will pick up customers between the scheduled stops along each of the fixed routes



Ready to ride? Hop on the bus at the designated bus stop at the scheduled time, and let us do the driving for you. Our buses are clean, comfortable and safe, and our drivers are friendly and professional. We’ll get you where you need to go.

Download the MyTCLink App

My TCLink is TriCounty Link’s free real-time bus tracking app. The app lets users view bus stop locations, receive announcements and alerts and plan trips on TriCounty Link buses all using real-time data. It’s our mobile solution to help you efficiently and confidently plan a trip with us.

How to Read a Schedule

The TriCounty Link route map and schedule brochure will help you navigate your way on our transit system. Inside each route brochure you will find information on the routes schedule, route map, and general information about our system. Below you will find some basic terms and descriptions to help you better read our brochures.


Timepoints are the numbered portion of the route that indicate where the bus is required to be at certain times, and can help you determine how long it takes the bus to travel the route between stops.


A schedule is a timetable that includes timepoints, route stop names, and the timepoints that the bus will be at the stop.


The map will show you the route, its path of travel, and the timepoints where the bus will stop.


Some maps will have an icon that represents route stop locations that are also Park & Ride locations – some of which are connection points with the CARTA bus service.


Flagstop routes still follow a fixed route but will pick up or drop off passengers at any location requested by the passenger along the specific route between timepoints.

*Note: All our routes are NOT flagstop – Commuter Routes (CS) operate with designated stops. Please refer to our routes page for more information.

Accessibility on our buses

All TriCounty Link vehicles are wheelchair accessible and meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. We also offer an ADA deviated route service for individuals with a disability or condition that prevents them from using the TriCounty Link flag-stop bus system and who are predetermined as ADA-eligible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TriCounty Link is not responsible for any personal property left on any vehicle. Any items found will be kept for 30 days at TriCounty Link. Please call us as soon as you become aware that an item was left behind and provide us with the date and time you were riding. If your lost item is found, you will be responsible for picking it up at the TriCounty Link offices at 305 Heatley Street in Moncks Corner.

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