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ADA Deviated Route Service

If you have a disability or condition that prevents you from using the TriCounty Link flag-stop bus system, we welcome you to apply for ADA eligibility to be able to use our ADA deviated route service. This service allows passengers with disabilities to schedule a ride on a TriCounty Link bus between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily during the time the bus is within your area. Trips must be scheduled at least 24 hours before a ride is needed and up to two weeks in advance.

ADA Policy

Eligibility for ADA deviations is based on your ability or inability to use the TriCounty Link flag-stop bus system for some or all of your trips. Eligibility is not based on a specific diagnosis or condition. To qualify for the TriCounty Link ADA deviated route service, you must meet the conditions established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Route deviation must be within ¾ mile of an existing regular fixed TriCounty Link route (Commuter Solutions routes do not qualify). Fully completed applications are reviewed by an ADA Coordinator with 21 days of receipt. Riders who qualify will receive a notification letter and instructions regarding how to start using the service. Important to note that an approval does not guarantee service deviation. Service cannot be deviated if the pick-up or destination locations are outside of the ¾ mile service area. You can use the form below to apply and determine if you are eligible to use this service.

Fill Out ADA Eligibility Form


Once you are determined ADA-eligible, you will receive an approval letter with instructions regarding how to start using the service. Contact TriCounty Link customer service at (843)-899-4096 to schedule your trip request or if you have questions about service.

Questions regarding your application including status, denials, etc., contact the TriCounty Link ADA Trip Coordinator at (843) 529-0400.

For all other questions about accessibility on TriCounty Link buses, contact our customer service team below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three types of ADA eligibility — temporary, conditional, and full eligibility. You may qualify for temporary eligibility if you have a short-term illness or injury that prevents you from using the regular TriCounty Link flag-stop bus system for a limited period (usually from 1-12 months). Conditional eligibility is for certain conditions, as certified by your physician, that would prohibit you from using the flag-stop system. If you have conditional eligibility, you are expected to use the regular flag-stop system for all rides that you can reasonably manage. Under full eligibility, you can use the TriCounty Link deviated route service when you need it for trips that are within the service area and within the regular scheduled operating hours.

ADA pick-up windows require you to be ready at least 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. If the driver arrives during this “pick-up window,” please be ready. TriCounty Link drivers will wait for five minutes before proceeding on with the route. If the driver arrives before your pick-up window starts, you may leave if you are ready. If you miss the bus, you are responsible for making other arrangements.

Our buses may not accommodate some equipment. When filling out your ADA eligibility application, please verify the type of mobility device, including the size and weight of the device, that you will be using while riding on the bus. Weight limits are based on the weight of the passenger seated on the mobility device and the weight of the device being used.

No. Passengers must be secured in their wheelchairs or seated safely in the passenger seats with their safety belts on while riding the bus.

Yes, trained service animals that provide assistance to persons with disabilities such as guide dogs, service animals trained to detect seizures, or other assistance animals are allowed on the bus. Service animals must be trained specifically to assist with tasks or to provide guidance related to a disability and must be under control at all times. Passengers are responsible for the behavior and cleanliness of the animal traveling with them.

If you need personalized assistance while traveling on the TriCounty Link ADA deviated route service, you will need to be accompanied by someone who can assist you. TriCounty Link does not provide you with a personal care attendant (PCA). If your letter of eligibility indicates you can have a PCA accompany you during your trip, you are welcome to have your PCA travel with you. The PCA does not have to be the same person each time you ride the bus, and one PCA can always ride with you free of charge. If your PCA will not be available to ride with you, avoid a no-show by either finding a substitute PCA or by contacting TriCounty Link to cancel your ride at least two hours before your scheduled pick-up time. TriCounty Link drivers are not able to provide additional assistance if your PCA is not available. TriCounty Link reserves the right to refuse service to those individuals whose conditions may be disruptive or harmful to others during service. If a rider is refused service based on these conditions, a PCA may be required as a condition of service. If you need assistance while traveling, we highly recommend that you bring a personal care attendant.

Yes, TriCounty Link will ensure there is room on the vehicle for one companion, but additional companions travel on a space-available basis. When requesting your ride, you must inform TriCounty Link if you plan to travel with a companion. Companions pay the deviated fare. Children may ride with any ADA passenger, but they must be supervised by a responsible adult.

You will need to provide the following to schedule a trip on our ADA deviated route service: – Your first and last name. – The date of your requested trip. – Your preferred pick-up and return times within the existing area. – Any other information the driver should know to help you travel.

Visitors from out of town who have been certified under the ADA policies of another transit agency will be allowed to use the TriCounty Link ADA deviated route service for up to 21 days each year without having to go through the full assessment process. Any other requests will be considered under the temporary eligibility policy. If a visitor stays for more than 21 days, an ADA eligibility application will need to be completed.

Carry your TriCounty Link ADA eligibility letter with you as proof of eligibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Call the paratransit service in the community you are visiting for information on how to use their system. Services are prescheduled and practices vary from service to service.

If you disagree with the eligibility decision, you have the right to appeal that decision. At your request, the TriCounty Link staff will conduct a review of your eligibility decision. TriCounty Link may request current evaluations by a physical therapist or other healthcare professional in order to make an informed decision. Any certifications required will be at your expense. If the review does not resolve your concern or you want to initiate a formal appeal, you will need to make a written request for an appeal within 60 days of receiving an eligibility decision. A mediator may contact you to arrange a meeting at the TriCounty Link offices with both you and the TriCounty Link staff to try to find a solution agreeable to both parties. If no agreement is reached through review or mediation, the appeal will go to the appeals board for a final decision.

All ADA eligibility will be reassessed every one to three years and/or when your mobility impairment or condition changes. Should you change mobility devices (walker, wheelchair, scooter, etc.) you must immediately notify TriCounty Link to ensure that your eligibility status remains appropriate.

You can download the application to fill out manually and mail it in or fill it out digitally above. You can also call us at 843-899-4096; toll-free: 800-966-6631; or SC RELAY 7-1-1 to receive your application. Please allow 21 days from receipt of a complete application for processing.

To apply, you will download and mail in or digitally fill out the ADA eligibility application on our website. This will be followed by a professional verification form, which can be filled out by a professional who is familiar with the applicant’s condition (i.e. a physician, physical therapist, registered nurse, etc.). TriCounty Link staff will review the information in each application. Usually, this provides us with all the necessary information we need to make a determination. However, more information may be needed, and applicants may be asked to come in for a more extensive in-person assessment. Once approved, you can go to TriCounty Link to get your free photo ID. If your original ID gets lost, there will be a $5.00 replacement fee. Applicants who refuse to provide information about their ability to travel, or who are unwilling to participate in an in-person or telephone interview, will be denied. Eligibility is based on your capability and not on a specific diagnosis or medical condition.

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ADA Eligibility Form

Fill out the ADA eligibility form to determine if you are eligible to use the ADA deviated route service. You will receive an eligibility determination letter from TriCounty Link no later than 21 days after completing the application and after providing any other necessary professional documentation.

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