– How do I know if I am eligible for the ADA deviated route service?

To qualify for the TriCounty Link ADA deviated route service you must meet the conditions established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Eligibility for ADA deviations is based on your ability or inability to use the TriCounty Link flag-stop bus system.

Eligibility is not based on a specific diagnosis or condition. The eligibility process may include an in-person interview with a qualified member of the TriCounty Link staff who will ask a series of questions to help determine whether or not you are able to use the flag-stop bus system for some or all of your trips.

You will receive an eligibility determination letter from TriCounty Link no later than 21 days after completing the application and after providing the necessary professional documentation. If after 21 days a decision has not been made, you will be temporarily allowed to use the ADA deviated route service until a final decision is rendered.

There are 3 different types of eligibility:

1.Temporary Eligibility

You may qualify for temporary eligibility if you have a short-term illness or injury that prevents you from using the regular TriCounty Link flag stop bus system for a limited period (usually from 1 to 12 months). If you have temporary eligibility, your eligibility letter will include the date your TriCounty Link ADA deviated route service starts and stops. You will need to re-apply if you still need the service after the expiration date.

2. Conditional Eligibility –

There may be certain conditions, as certified by your physician, that would prohibit you from using the flag stop system. If you have conditional eligibility, you are expected to use the regular flag- stop system for all rides that you can reasonably manage. The eligibility letter you receive from TriCounty Link will indicate under what conditions you can use the ADA deviated route service and when you are expected to use the flag-stop system.

3. Full Eligibility

Under full eligibility you can use the TriCounty Link deviated route service when you need it for those trips that are within the service area and within the regular scheduled operating hours.