All TriCounty Link vehicles are equipped with the latest safety devices, from non-skid flooring to GPS monitoring, to ensure the safety of our passengers. Our vehicles are maintained to manufacturer standards or higher and on-call mechanics are available to assist when needed.


When Riding the Bus:

  • Be familiar with all emergency exits. Depending on the vehicle, emergency exits may include windows and ceiling hatches.
  • Take your seat as quickly as possible, and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • If you must stand, hold onto the bars or the hand straps. Make sure your footing is solid


Passenger Rights

Drivers are authorized to refuse transportation to persons in an intoxicated condition, who conduct themselves in a manner objectionable to other passengers, or when a passenger poses a safety or security risk.


Additionally, Chapter 23 of Title 58, SC Code of Laws, includes the Public Transportation Passenger Rights Act, which states:


It is unlawful for any passenger to commit any of the following acts in a bus or any other public transportation vehicle:


  • Discard litter, except into receptacles designed for that purpose.
  • Play any radio, cassette, cartridge, tape play, or similar device unless controlled by the operator or the device is connected to an earphone that limits the sound to the hearing of the individual user.
  • Carry or possess any weapon, explosives, acids, other dangerous articles, live animals, but a seeing eye dog [or other service animal] properly harnessed and accompanied by its owner, small animals properly packaged or weapons carried by law enforcement or animals used by law enforcement.?Obstruct, hinder, interfere with, or otherwise disrupt or disturb the operation or operator of a public transportation vehicle.
  • Board a public transportation bus through the rear exit door, unless directed by an employee or agent of the carrier.
  • Use profane, indecent, or obscene language or actions on a public transportation vehicle, or conduct himself in a boisterous fashion while on a public transportation vehicle.
  • Intoxicated persons may be excluded from riding in any public transportation vehicle by the vehicle’s operator.
  • The operator of any public transportation vehicle may refuse to transport any person who insists on boarding the vehicle in a manner that will obviously violate any of the above provisions.
  • Any person violating the provisions or subsection of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction for a first offense may be imprisoned for not more than thirty days or fined not more than two hundred dollars, for a second offense, may be imprisoned for not more than sixty days or fined not more than five hundred dollars, or both, and for a third or subsequent offense, may be imprisoned for not more than ninety days or fined not more than a thousand dollars, or both.



For your safety and security, all TriCounty Link vehicles are fitted with state of the art video and audio equipment. However, security depends in part on your eyes and ears. If you hear, see or smell something suspicious, trust your instincts and report it.


Suspicious Items:

Unattended items simply may be lost or left behind. Look for the following characteristics to report suspicious items to TriCounty Link:


  • Placement in an out of the way location
  • Attached batteries, wires, tanks, bottles or bags that might contain chemicals or explosives
  • Matches something described in a threat or has a threatening note attached
  • Smoke, mist, gas, vapor, odor, or fluid seeping from a package or bag
  • Individuals nearby showing signs of illness or distress

Suspicious Activity:


Suspicious activity relates to circumstances, timing and behavior. Familiarize yourself with the following signs of suspicious activity and report people who are:

  • In an unauthorized or restricted area
  • Loitering, staring or watching employees and passengers
  • Pacing, nervous or jumpy
  • Abandoning items and quickly departing
  • Acting in a disorderly manner or disturbing others
  • Photographing equipment or secure areas
  • Carrying a weapon or appearing to have a weapon
  • Wearing clothing that is extremely inappropriate for the weather (e.g. heavy coat on a hot day)


Recommended Course of Action

Do not touch suspicious items or confront someone with suspicious behavior! Tell a TriCounty Link employee, police officer, or call 911.