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CARTA, TRICOUNTY LINK Announce New Mobile Ticketing Option

By June 12, 2024June 15th, 2024No Comments

Riders can now purchase tickets via the Token Transit App

The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) and TriCounty Link (TCL) today announced their partnership with Token Transit, a free mobile ticketing application that gives riders a new, cashless payment option and eliminates the need for a paper pass.

Effective immediately, CARTA and TCL riders will have the ability to purchase digital bus passes using credit or debit cards via the Token Transit app on their iOS or Android smartphones. Fares paid for through the app can be used at the time of purchase or stored for later use and activation. Cash payments and paper passes will continue to be accepted.

After purchasing tickets, CARTA riders will hold their phones near Token Transit validators now onboard system buses. TriCounty Link riders will be able to board after presenting an in-app ticket to their driver.

“The new partnership between our local transit providers, CARTA and TriCounty Link, and Token Transit serves as yet another example of the strides we continue to take to provide convenient and efficient transportation for our riders,” said CARTA Board of Directors Chairman Mike Seekings. “For years, smartphones have made it easy for users to stay connected in the digital space, and now, with the help of the Token Transit app, connecting our riders to destinations throughout the region will be as easy as the click of a button.”

To download the Token Transit app, please visit www.tokentransit.com or search “Token Transit” in the Apple or Google Play stores.


Token Transit is a mobile app to pay for public transportation. Using the Token Transit app, riders can purchase transit passes on their smartphones and board the bus by showing the driver a pass on their phone. Transit agencies are choosing Token Transit as a rapidly deployable alternative to smartcards in order to boost ridership, decrease costs, and improve service. Founded in San Francisco with the mission to increase access to public transportation across the United States, the company is helping transit agencies of all sizes provide an easy and convenient rider experience. For more information visit: www.tokentransit.com or download ‘Token Transit’ on your iPhone or Android.


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