– Will my mobility device fit on the vehicle?

Because of the size and weight of the mobility devices vehicles may not accommodate some equipment. Please verify the type of mobility device you will be using while riding on the TriCounty Link vehicle. Weight limits are based on the passenger seated on the mobility device.

– How much can I carry onto TriCounty Link?

All passengers must be able to safely carry and secure all carry-on items they bring on board the vehicles.

– What if I mistakenly leave something on the vehicle?

TriCounty Link is not responsible for any personal property left on any vehicle. Any items found will be kept for 30 days at TriCounty Link. Please call TriCounty Link as soon as you become aware that an item was left behind. Please be ready to provide the date and time you were riding. If your lost item is found, you will be responsible for picking it up at the TriCounty Link offices at 305 Heatley Street in Moncks Corner.

– Can I sit on my walker while riding the bus?

No. Passengers must be secured in their wheelchairs or seated safely in the passenger seats with their safety belts on while riding the bus.

– Can I bring my pet or service animal with me on the bus?

Trained service animals that provide assistance to persons with disabilities such as guide dogs, service animals trained to detect seizures, or other assistance animals, are allowed on TriCounty Link. Services animals must be trained specifically to assist with tasks or to provide guidance related to a disability and must be under control at all times. Passengers are responsible for the behavior and cleanliness of the animal traveling with them.