What is TriCounty Link’s ADA deviated route service?

TriCounty Link provides an origin-to-destination, curb-to-curb transportation service for individuals with disabilities, or disability related conditions that prevent them from using the regular flag-stop system. If you live with 3/4 mile of an existing route and are determined ADA eligible we will pick you up.

With advance scheduling and prior ADA certification, our bus drivers will deviate 3/4 of a mile within our existing routes and schedules to pick up ADA eligible passengers. Drivers will pick up a passenger at the curb and bring them to the curb of their destination. Assistance to the door will be provided as allowed. To ensure passenger safety as well as the safety of our drivers, drivers are not allowed to lift, push or assist under unsafe conditions. Ramp and stair accessibility code compliance is required under South Carolina law. A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is permitted to accompany an ADA passenger free of charge. Companions will pay the full ADA fare. TriCounty Link drivers are not permitted to go off public roads, to leave their vehicles unattended for extended lengths of time, or to lose sight of their vehicles or passengers. Drivers are not permitted to go beyond the door of any residence or building.

TriCounty Link fulfills the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complementary paratransit service requirement by providing route deviations within 3/4 mile of its existing routes and time schedules. TriCounty Link’s deviated route service is not a taxi service, emergency medical, or social service transportation.

The TriCounty Link ADA Rider’s Guide will introduce you to TriCounty Link procedures and provide helpful contact information. Please call us with your questions or concerns. TriCounty Link will only deviate within established routes and time schedules.

– Where can I go?

TriCounty Link’s deviated route service will pick you up anywhere our drivers can safely travel within 3/4 mile of our established routes and time schedules. We will also assist with transfers to CARTA’s service whenever possible.