– What if I need assistance when I travel?

TriCounty Link ADA passengers are picked up and dropped off at the curb. Assistance to and from the door of your destination is offered as needed and when conditions allow. If you need personalized assistance, or if you need assistance getting around once you arrive at your destination while traveling on the TriCounty Link ADA deviated route service, you will need to be accompanied by someone who can assist you. An assistant is referred to as your personal care attendant (PCA) or simply as your “attendant”. TriCounty Link does not provide you with a PCA. Your personal care attendant does not need to be the same person each time you use TriCounty Link. If your letter of eligibility indicates that you need a PCA, TriCounty Link will make sure there is enough room on the vehicle for you and your attendant. Personal care attendants ride free of charge.

– What if my personal care attendant cannot ride during my scheduled time?

If your personal care attendant will not be available to ride with you, please avoid a no-show by either finding a substitute PCA or by contacting TriCounty Link to cancel your ride at least two hours before your scheduled pick-up time. TriCounty Link drivers are not able to provide additional assistance if your PCA is not available.

– Can a companion travel with me?

TriCounty Link will ensure there is room on the vehicle for one companion, but additional companions travel on a space-available basis. When requesting your ride you must inform TriCounty Link if you plan to travel with a companion. Companions pay the deviated fare. Children may ride with any ADA passenger, but they must be supervised by a responsible adult while riding the TriCounty Link ADA deviated route service.

NOTE: A companion is defined as a person who is not assisting the eligible ADA passenger and is not considered as a personal care attendant.