route b105 moncks corner - mt. pleasant

TriCounty Link is a flagstop bus system: stand at a safe location along the bus route and wave at the driver. We’ll stop and pick you up.

Moncks Corner – Mt. Pleasant

[table caption=”Departure Times Monday-Friday AM Route
Stop Location.

” width=”450″ colwidth=”100|200|100″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]

1,TriCounty Link Terminal Moncks Corner,5:45am

2,Hwy 402/Hwy 41 Huger,6:10am

3,High Point Circle Huger,6:18am

4,Charity Church Rd Cainhoy,6:25am

5,Cainhoy Elementary Cainhoy,6:30am,8:05am

6,Moultrie Ln. / Hwy 98 Cainhoy,6:35am

7,Cainhoy Rd. / Clements Ferry Wando,6:51am

8,Hwy 41 / Hwy 17 KFC Mt. Pleasant,7:00am

9,East Cooper Hospital Mt. Pleasant,7:22am

10,Sea Island Piggly Wiggly Mt. Pleasant,7:30am

11,Sandridge Rd Moncks Corner,8:30am

12,Hard Pinch Rd Moncks Corner,8:56am

13,Berkeley Industries Moncks Corner,9:15am

14,TriCounty Link Terminal Moncks Corner,9:30am


[table caption=”Departure Times Monday-Friday AM Route
Stop Location

” width=”450″ colwidth=”100|200|100″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]


14,TriCounty Link Terminal Moncks Corner,1:50pm

13,Berkeley Industries Moncks Corner,2:00pm

12,Hard Pinch Rd. Moncks Corner,2:20pm

11,Sandridge Rd Moncks Corner,2:28pm

10,High Point Circle Huger,2:53pm

9,Charity Church Rd Cainhoy,2:58pm

8,Cainhoy Rd. / Clements Ferry Wando,3:08pm,5:33pm

7,East Cooper Hospital Mt. Pleasant,5:00pm

6,Sea Island Piggly Wiggly Mt. Pleasant,5:05pm

5,Hwy 41 / Hwy 17 KFC Mt. Pleasant,5:25pm,6:00pm

4,Cainhoy Elementary Cainhoy,5:43pm

3,Moultrie Ln. / Hwy 98 Cainhoy,5:45pm

2,Hwy 402/Hwy 41 Huger,6:00pm

1,TriCounty Link Terminal Moncks Corner,6:30pm